GC Launches Gold Label Series

GC Glass Ionomers have been leading the glass ionomer market and have been voted worldwide as the Gold Standard in Glass Ionomer technology.

A survey conducted by Dental Practice had 85% of Dental Practice readers, ranking GC Fuji as their first choice of Glass Ionomers Cements ( Source: Dental Practice, Vol 3, No 6, Sept – Oct 2004 ).

GC Glass Ionomers …worth their weight in gold.
GC Glass Ionomers awarded Gold Label Status are:
GC Fuji I —- Gold Label 1 (Luting & Lining)
GC Fuji II —- Gold Label 2 (Universal Restorative)
GC Fuji II LC —- Gold Label 2 LC (Light Cured Universal Restorative)
GC Fuji IX GP —- Gold Label 9 HS (High Strength Posterior Restorative)

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