For a century, GC is spreading SMILE to more than 100 countries globally and been recognised by both dentists and dental technicians alike as a provider of consistent high quality dental products that are easy to handle and capable of delivering the highest service standards to our customers.

GC leads the way in glass ionomer technology and are well known for the expertise and progress in the field of gypsum products as well as impression and investment materials. However there is no end to innovation and development. GC is constantly engaged in R&D to enhance all elements in dental care.

Innovation & Science: Encompassing both tradition and innovation, GC is dedicated to setting further milestones in dentistry. In our aim to achieve this goal, our primary concern is not simply technical product safety; we are also focused on the safety of people and oral health in particular, naturally always combined with the latest scientific knowledge. In recent years we have added further strategic fields to our portfolio, in the form of innovative systems and products in Aesthetic Dentistry and Minimum Intervention.

“True products are made for the good of others, not for our own sake,” our corporate philosophy is based on GC’s Quality Management (GQM) system, which now drives company-wide efforts to contribute to society through its products. Under the slogan ‘Improve Corporate Quality’, GQM continues to play a key role in GC’s corporate philosophy and business activities.

Quality Awards

Over the years, GC has been awarded for its excellence in quality, and is the first company in the dental industry to receive the internationally renowned Deming Award in 2000. This award is the highest honor in the area of quality, and is conferred on companies or individuals that have made a significant improvement in business results through TQM implementation. GC also received the Japan Quality Medal in 2004, which is regarded worldwide as the highest recognition for quality management in organizations.

Today, with consistent daily quality activity, many GC entities including GC India have received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certification. With its presence of almost two decades, GC India has a firm presence operating in diverse regional markets with branches throughout the Nation ensuring that all our products can be delivered in an efficient manner and are consistently available through our Associates and Partners. The Indian Manufacturing Unit & Warehouse gained the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 in 2014 following the commitment to improve both our performance and services.

GC has been ranked Number 1 in the 9th Quality Management Level Research 2016 conducted by JUSE.

Press Release: The result of the 9th Quality Management Level Research in 2016 conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) is announced.