GC Launches Dry Mouth Gel

Great News for Dry Mouth Patients

Your patients can now get immediate relief from Dry Mouth with GC Dry Mouth Gel. GC Dry Mouth gel is designed to specifically ease symptoms in patients with impaired salivary flow. It comes is a handy 40 gms tube that fits in your pocket.

GC Dry Mouth gel forms a long lasting coating over the teeth, has a neutral pH and a pleasant taste. Patients can expect up to four hours of relief from symptoms of dryness when they use it during their waking hours. Applying the gel immediately before bed will also help to minimize interruptions to sleep from symptoms of oral dryness. Dry Mouth Gel can also be used under mandibular full dentures as a tissue protectant and lubricant.

The clear transparent gel is easy to use and comes in 5 delicious flavours of raspberry, lemon, orange, mint and fruit salad.

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