Two Days Dental Symposium by GC India

GC India presents Two Days Online Dental Symposium in celebration of 100th Anniversary of GC Corporation.


The “Invisible” adhesive interface: what you need to know about bonding agents by Dr. RL Halili-Castillo

Adhesive dentistry deals with bonding to the natural substance of teeth, mainly enamel and dentin. Adhesion to the dental tissue has made it possible for clinicians to preserve more tooth structure and cut or remove less tissue when making a restoration. With the innovations in adhesive dentistry, clinicians nowadays have a broader range of treatment options to present to the patients when dealing with restoring/filling or repairing existing teeth. Following a predictable protocol in adhesion is essential in the success of any adhesive restoration. The goal of any adhesive restoration is to achieve a tight and long-lasting adaptation of the restorative material to enamel and dentin. The key challenge is to understand how to manage two dental substrates of different nature and use a bonding agent that offers not just high bond strengths but also durability and long-term effectivity. In this lecture, we will go through the different types of bonding agents and understand the importance of chemical adhesion in creating an effective seal and adhesive interface. Effective bonding protocol and clinical and practical tips will be discussed.

Dr. RL Halili-Castillo

RL obtained her degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of the East Manila Philippines. She has been the Clinical Director of the Halili Dental Centre and has acquired extensive clinical experience which honed her clinical skills and provided comprehensive range of dental services to her patients. She has also practiced at the Health Promotion Board School Dental Services of Singapore, giving emphasis on oral health care programs for school children. She is an international lecturer with participation in numerous congresses, hands-on and online courses across the region. She is now based in Australia and is involved in training and education programs specialized in fibre technology, aesthetic, adhesive and restorative dentistry.

Inject & Impress by Dr. Madhu Singh

We live in the world of choices, yet Veneer based smile build-up is restricted to conventional techniques of Porcelain Laminates or Direct Composite veneers. Both requires considerably great skills & are time consuming. The meticulous hand placed & sculpted direct composite veneer gives a sense of satisfaction but makes us physically & mentally drained as its time consuming to create. ​

What if there were a variant, less demanding of chair time but capable of attractive results? ​

​Lecture discusses various innovative procedure that can undertaken shall be dealt with this Injection Moulding technique & focusses on the various aspects of “ Injection Moulding Veneer technique”.

Dr. Madhu Singh

Dr. Madhu Singh is a brilliant scholar and Gold Medalist from RGUHS. She completed her MDS in Conservative dentistry & Endodontics from SDM Dharwad.​She worked as a Clinical Trainer & Sr. Executive for Scientific & Academic Affairs at GC India ​and been Head of GC India for Evidence Based Dentistry Research activities. She is specially trained in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry from GC Europe Training Campus . Dr. Madhu Singh has conducted 40+ workshops on Simplified Aesthetics for Daily dental practice. She is the Winner of “Sculpt n Win “ Aesthetic case Competition conducted by GC . She received the accolade of “Best PG student award for the year 2018” at Indian healthcare professional award as well as Guident academic excellence award.

Rebuilding Posterior Teeth by Dr. Rosa Ria Halili

Rebuilding Posterior Teeth Composites nowadays offer an absolute superiority for enamel replacement, such as higher wear resistance and aesthetics. However, when it comes to resistance to fracture it seems to fail at the dentinal level. Thus, by using a dentin replacement material that is essentially fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) conquer the clinical challenges and issues concerning fractures. It possesses superior flexural strength and fracture toughness and can effectively reinforce the restoration due to its fiber content. Utilizing FRCs in direct and indirect restorations as dentin replacement and as a core build-up enables to restore teeth in a biomimetic way and to prevent and stop crack propagation.

Dr. Rosa Ria Halili

The young Doctor of Dental Medicine, Rosa Ria Halili has ardent interest and exposure in new technical innovations in dentistry. She is currently working as Professional Service Analyst at GC Asia Dental, Philippines, and a clinician at R Halili Dental Center. Ria had worked for few years as Faculty Member in University of the East – Manila College of Dentistry. She has been the Speaker at PDA Luzon Convention. Dr. Ria is a Member of Philippine Dental Association and International Association for Orthodontics. She is associated with International Association for Orthodontics – Philippines Section and Dental Faculty Club, UE College of Dentistry. She is the Alumna of Achievers’ Council for Excellence.

The Right Choice by Dr. Chandramouli

Decision-making is a fundamental aspect of clinical dentistry. Restoration of carious teeth presents the dentist with the dilemma of selecting a suitable restorative material. Restoring tooth has gone beyond just amalgam which used to be one man army for restoring various cavities. What is the right choice of material for restoring the tooth, as per the need of the tooth???

With so many advanced new materials, the evaluation and selection process has become a practical challenge. To understand the clinical situation and the need of the tooth and what’s the best way to restore is need of the hour. Lecture talks about the best possible ways to restore.

Dr. Chandramouli

Eminent Speaker and experienced practitioner, Dr. Chandramouli is a Graduate in Dentistry from AME’s Dental College, Raichur, Karnataka. He is Certified Digital Marketing Professional from Google. Presently he is working as Manager : Academic & Scientific Affairs at GC India and is the Associate Editor- Oral Health Magazine, IDA. Previously he worked as Deputy editor & Manager Medico Marketing for Quintessence Publications, Germany for India.He is Ex Trainer and Business development manager for FGM & Biodinamica, Brazil for Teeth Whitening. Dr. Chandramouli has vast experience of 17 years in Lecturing in Clinical Dental materials at various dental institutions. He is specially trained & certified in Aesthetic restorative dentistry & Fibre reinforcements in Dentistry from GC Europe Training Campus. He guest lectured and chaired sessions at various events by IDA and conferences. He has conducted over 100+ lectures & training workshops on Anterior Aesthetic restorations, Fibre reinforcements in Daily Dentistry, Post endodontic restorations, Materials selection in dentistry & Minimal Intervention Dentistry for Clinical Practitioners & institutions. Doctor is awarded as the Budding Entrepreneur in Dentistry by Business Network International.

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