GC Introducing Revolutionary Product – SOLARE Sculpt

Greetings from GC India!

Constant innovation keeps GC moving on. For over 95 years, we have been recognised by both dentists and dental technicians alike as a provider of consistently high quality products that are easy to handle, as well as being capable of delivering the highest service standards to our customers. But it’s not all! We are in continuous process of designing the “Art and Science behind creating a beautiful Smile”.

At GC, we focus on individuality. We understand that no two patients are the same – and neither are their restorative challenges. We also understand no two dentists have exactly the same preference when it comes to placement technique or ideal composite restorative. To meet this need GC presents a series of composite products with handling options from firm and packable through to flowing and injectable. So GC is introducing the revolutionary product the SOLARE Sculpt, a sculptable composite with advanced light scattering technology that merges GC’s innovative single dispersion in Nano fillers. This creates easy to shape, sculpt and polish. Sculpt provides a strong, wear-resistant and radiopaque finished restoration with beautiful aesthetics. A self-shining effect enables simple, rough finishing with a bur to bring the restoration to a beautiful luster that will continue to increase in polish over time with four shades match to enamel.

Sculpt is not complete without SOLARE Flo and SOLARE UNIVERSAL BOND. The fluid partner Flo is a flowable composite featuring excellent handling and high radiopacity, perfect for all the traditional flowable indications. UNIVERSAL BOND creates the permanent connection between enamel and dentin, an everlasting bond for all etching modes without post-operative sensitivity.

When using Sculpt, Flo and Bond together, a clinician will have the consistent and predictable materials that allow him to create highly aesthetic and wear resistant direct restorations.

So discover and enjoy our new products to unveil the science behind the Beautiful Smile. We are here to guide you with product details.

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