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The 99th General Session of IADR

The 99th General Session of IADR The World’s Largest Event for Dental Research, Held July 21-24, 2021 Opening Remarks Prof. Eric Reynolds, who has provided outstanding guidance regarding CPP-ACP, has been appointed as the new President of IADR and gave a very inspiring opening address for the event. In his speech, titled “IADR 100 Years […]

Kiyotaka Nakao is Appointed Chairman of JDTA

As of June 24, 2021, Kiyotaka Nakao, President and CEO of GC Corporation, was appointed the ninth Chairman of the Japan Dental Trade Association (JDTA) consisting of eight member organizations (796 companies as of the end of June 2021) for development, manufacturing, sales, import and distribution of medical devices, drugs and related products used in […]

The Second Foundation Nakao Grant Winners have been Selected

The Second Foundation Nakao Grant Application has successfully been selected. Foundation Nakao have received many applications for Foundation Nakao Grant globally and Foundation Nakao have finally selected 7 Grant Winners for FY 2021. The Foundation’s aim is to contribute to the realization of a truly healthy long-living society and a high quality of life by […]

Nakao Foundation Holds 3rd Management Board Meeting

The 3rd Management Board Meeting of Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health, which GC’s Chief Corporate Advisor Makoto Nakao has established in Switzerland, was held online connecting all regions in the world. First, Management Board was held on March 25, 2021, with all directors participating, and seven projects were selected as the second Grant Projects […]

Nakao Foundation call for Application

New opportunity for oral health research funding Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health to launch new round of research grant applications on 28 September 2020 Dental academics and clinicians are invited to apply for research grants from Foundation Nakao on 28 September 2020. This is the second round of funding made available by the prestigious […]

EQUIA® Restorative system: outstanding performance confirmed by several long-term clinical trials

Introduced in 2007, the EQUIA restorative system quickly proved to be a new standard in restorative technology, offering aesthetically pleasing bulk-fill posterior restorations and an advanced option to overcome limitations of amalgam, composite and conventional glass ionomer fillings. Over the years, EQUIA has inspired a number of prominent research groups to evaluate its clinical performance […]

EQUIA® Forte: Glass Hybrid technology strong and reliable in multiple indications

Drawing on nearly a century of experience in creating dental materials, GC has developed a new class of long-term restorative materials called Glass Hybrids. EQUIA Forte restorative system was built on the groundbreaking success of its predecessor, EQUIA, and combines a filling component with a protective composite coating while additionally benefiting from a newly developed […]

GC EQUIA® Forte – Interim Results from Complex Clinical Trial Illustrate Restorative Success

Leuven, July 2020 – The Glass Hybrid technology represents the next big leap in restorative dentistry. EQUIA Forte follows the hugely successful EQUIA restorative system which was launched in 2007. A long-term multicenter study was initiated in 2015 to assess the clinical performance of EQUIA Forte compared to a nanohybrid composite resin (Tetric EvoCeram®, Ivoclar […]

EQUIA Forte Multicenter Study – New Interim Results

Promising performance of EQUIA Forte® , a new restorative system with Glass Hybrid technology from GC. Following the success of the EQUIA restorative system, introduced in 2007, GC made the next big leap with EQUIA Forte. A two year multicenter clinical study confirms EQUIA Forte® is a suitable material for medium to large Class II […]

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