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Embracing the Future of Dental Care: The Next Generation of Glass Ionomer Restoratives

Author : Dr. Rosa Ria Halili-Suguitan In my teens I had aspired to become a Professional Teacher – an Early Childhood Educator was my dream. However, at that time, I had not realized how deficient the education system was in the Philippines where we had the shortest duration of formal schooling in the world. Fortunately, […]

Solare Sculptable Dental Composite Veneers

Solare Sculpt – Universal Sculptable Dental Composite With Universal, Self-Polishing, Sculptable Composite from GC SOLARE Sculpt, a high-strength, universal composite with optimised handling so clinicians can place beautifully adapted restorations with ease. The Sculptable composite for every need! SOLARE Sculpt is the smart solution for your everyday restorations, simple and versatile, use it anywhere: anterior […]

A Dust-Free Alginate Impression Material for Dental Impressions

IMPRECEED Alginate Impressions: All You Need To Know About  Numerous dental procedures and equipment are specially made to fit comfortably in the mouth. Dental impressions enable dentists to design oral appliances that will easily fit over the surfaces of patients’ teeth. They utilize a material called alginate to create these impressions. Find out more about […]

Impressions that exceed your expectations

GC FLEXCEED – Vinyl polysiloxane Dental Impression Materials ABOUT Thixotropic impression material for all popular impression techniques. The adapted flow, extended working time and the snap set make this an extremely easy to use A-silicone material. FLEXCEED is a significantly advanced, addition reaction silicone (platinum catalyzed) with outstanding physical properties, optimum handling and accuracy characteristics. […]

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