Press Release:

1 – 30 October 2014

GC was ranked 2nd in the 2014 Quality Management Level Survey!

The meaning Quality Management Level Research

Quality Management Level is evaluated quantitatively based on systems and the actual practice to enhance “Quality”, which influences product competitiveness as well as corporate value.

Overall ranking is compiled after the deliberate analysis of 6 factors, such as ” Top management commitment” and “Kaizen and workshop management”. This research does represent the level of corporate’s striving to enhance quality, that does NOT represent the superiority of product quality itself.

There are six major categories to evaluate:
  1. Commitment of Top Management
  2. Cultivation of human resources for realization of quality management
  3. Management of safety, security and trust
  4. Establishment and thorough implementation of a process
  5. Pursuit of customer-oriented policy
  6. Capability to effectively use and enhance a system.
The ranking is based on the analysis of 62 subcategories (56 indicators) under these six categories, and GC received following high evaluations.
  • Management of safety, security and trust (1st)
  • Establishment and thorough implementation of a process (3rd)
  • Capability to effectively use and enhance a system (3rd)
  • Cultivation of human resources for realization of quality management (5st)
  • Pursuit of customer-oriented policy (8st)

In addition to activities at overseas manufacturing bases, GC has established the “GC Institute of Monozukuri (Technologies)”, human resource cultivation system at the global mother factory in Fuji Oyama and is planning to expand it to overseas operations. Since taking the chair of president, Chairman Nakao and President Nakao have conducted 1,237 “President’s Reviews” over 30 years, visiting and reviewing all departments and companies in and outside Japan. Close and constant communication among Chairman Nakao, President Nakao and GC Associates, which has been effectively continued till a task after President’s Review is solved. These efforts are highly evaluated as the basis for the corporate quality.

Top 10 companies of overall ranking (Result of 2014 Research)
  1. KONICA MINORTA Corp. (ranked 16 in 2013)
  2. GC Corp. (ranked 6 in 2013)
  3. Fujitsu Ltd. (ranked 7 in 2013)
  4. FUJIFILM Holdings Corp. (ranked 2 in 2013)
  5. Sharp Corp. (ranked 5 in 2013)
  6. Canon Inc. (ranked 9 in 2013)
  7. Asahigroup-holdings Corp. (ranked 59 in 2013)
  8. Sony Corp. (ranked 8 in 2013)
  9. TOSHIBA Corp. (ranked 1 in 2013)
  10. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (ranked 3 in 2013)

GC received the “Deming Application Prize (current Deming Prize)”in 2000 and the “Japan Quality Medal (current Deming Grand Prize)”, the highest honor of Japan’s TQM in 2004. Furthermore, within our GC Group, GC Dental Products Corporation (GCDP) received the “Deming Application Prize” in 2003, and GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. received the “Deming Application Prize” in 2010 as the first Chinese company. And most recently, JUSE announced in October that GC America Inc. receives the Deming Prize for 2014. Chairman Makoto Nakao also received the Deming Prize for Individuals in 2012 for spearheading GC Group’s efforts for promotion of TQM and building it into a global company.

Through continuous promotion of GC’s Quality Management (GQM), GC would like to step up company-wide efforts for quality management and meet our customer’s trust. Your continued support would be much appreciated.

1 – 14 September 2014 – Greater Noida

FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2014

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The World’s most renowned and biggest dental show, 102nd FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2014, hosted by the Indian Dental Association is being organized in Greater Noida, NCR New Delhi, India from 11th to 14th September 2014. Having an international outreach, it will be a unique event in the 2014 dental calendar as a global audience of more than 10,000 visitors is expected to attend.

The purpose of a World Dental Congress has always been to provide a scientific programme, a trade exhibition and an international forum for the review and discussion of the advancement of oral health, oral health care and all other subjects which will advance the objectives of the FDI and to provide an opportunity for the strengthening of relations between the dental organisations, peoples and countries of the world.”

The Exhibition showcases the pavilion from all round the world.

GC has always been an integral part of FDi world shows.
Alike, you can find us at our GC pavilion ( Hall C : Stall No. C66, C67, C68, C72, C73, C74).

We shall be showcasing all the GC products, but the highlights of the show would be “ the advanced technology section” which shall be showcasing all the latest new launched innovative products.

We Request you all to Visit us at our GC Pavilion and avail benefits.

Date: 11-14 September 2014
Venue:Greater Noida

Contact Number:1800 425 3132
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[icon icon=”rightarrowcircle” color=”#666″]GC launches a High Strength Composite in Flowable form ![/icon]

GC India has launched a REVOLUTION in Esthetic Dentistry this August with the G-ænial Universal FLO…truly a Touch of Genius !

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The G-ænial Universal FLO is the World’s First Truly Universal Injectable Composite for all Cavity Classifications. It sets Rock Hard with exceptional wear resistance, does not slump, and has a superior gloss finish which is actually maintained with every tooth brushing cycle.

True innovation in filler size and composition, in filler silanation and in manufacturing techniques has given rise to this remarkable composite resin. G-ænial Universal Flo a material
that clinicians can place with ease for beautifully adapted, beautifully finished, fast, aesthetic and tough composite restorations.

The G-ænial is delivered in a purpose made syringe, to create a more economic and ergonomic Injectable Composite design. The textured surface and tapered tip-end ensures that the Composite does not stick to the syringe tip.

Available in a broad range of shades, based on the Vita shade guide, and 3 different levels of translucency, highly aesthetic restorations can be achieved using a single shade, or with a multi-shade layering technique.