MI World Symposium in Tokyo

MI World Symposium in Tokyo commemorating GC CORPORATION 95th Anniversary and GC Membership society 60th Anniversary was held at JP Tower Hall & Conference (KITTE) on February 5th, 2017.

At the beginning of the symposium, Prof. Elmar Reich (Germany) who is a coordinator of this symposium made a keynote with its theme as “ ‘It’s time to change’ MI the new path to a successful practice in 21st century!”. In the speech, he explained about how to introduce MITP (MI Treatment Plan) which is drawn up by GC MI Advisory Board working for about 10 years into daily practice.

After that, morning session “Changes History of MI Program in Europe- What is Patient Oriented MI based on the latest evidence?” was held. Three members of GC MI Advisory Board had a lecture about prospects of MI in the future. As a first speaker, Dr. Esther Ruiz de Castaneda (Spain) spoke about early detection of caries by a holistic approach and the importance of looking for the factors causing caries. Secondly, Prof. Matteo Basso (Italy) had lectured about the long term preventive care by choosing appropriate materials and considering patient’s generation. At the last speaker of the morning session, Prof. Ivana Miletic (Croatia) had a lecture set its theme as minimally invasive restorative procedure with biological aspects.

After the lunch break, afternoon session “Dental Practice introducing MI which adapt to each generation” was started. This session is for introducing practical cases with aspects of age, disease, treatment, and materials.

Firstly, Dr. Patricia Gaton (Spain) introduced how to achieve successful results in kids adapted MI concept. After that, Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz (United States) introduced about clinical cases which need MI approach and complex restorative and prosthetic treatment. As a third speaker, Prof. Mikako Hayashi (Japan) explained why we need to strengthen MI concept and the role for supporting patient’s extended healthy life expectancy by the dentistry which is combined with the latest evidences, materials and the high level of clinical techniques. Finally, Prof. Ian Meyers who got the Medal of the Order of Australia in this January because of contribution to dental associations and dental education had a lecture. He focuses on conservative, restorative and prosthesis dentistry for elderly patients. He mentioned it is essential for general practitioners to contribute to keeping patients’ health with functional and aesthetic teeth by preserving patient’s teeth, and restoring as necessity. Besides, he suggested the necessity for MI management strategies which are easy to introducing treatments due to of wide varieties of requests from patients and clinical situations.

In the products exhibition booth, many attendees got information about prevention goods, Fuji series glass ionomer cements, resin composite known as G-aenial, new dental cement; G-CEM LinkForce, press ceramic; Initial Li-Si Press and so on.

Besides, Mondelēz Japan which is famous for Recaldent gum also had an exhibition booth.

JP TOWER LECTURE ROOM Prof. Elmar Reich Dr. Esther Ruiz de Castaneda
Prof. Matteo Basso Prof. Ivana Miletic Dr. Patricia Gaton Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz
Prof. Mikako Hayashi Prof. Ian Meyers Discussion MI WORLD SYMPOSIUM in Tokyo speakers
Product Exhibition