ISO Certification, the Deming Application Prize & the Japan Quality Medal

As a general manufacturer of dental care products, GC takes the ordinary people’s perspective, providing true health to the people of the world. GC products are made with the core values of safety and effectiveness, in line with the company’s ethos of putting quality first, and we believe that protecting the global environment is a major part of our mission. We monitor each stage of a product’s life, testing for safety and for the impact of our products on resources and the environment. We scrutinize the production process to ensure that we are conserving energy, conserving resources and minimizing packaging waste. We examine the use of our products to ensure that they are energy saving and economical in terms of the resources they consume, and we examine disposal methods for our products. Naturally, GC seeks to minimize any adverse effects, paying maximum attention to the issue of the environment from the time each product is developed until its use by the consumer. As a result of GC’s endeavors in this respect, the company earned ISO 9001 Quality Systems certification in 1994, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification in 1998. GC topped this in 2000 by becoming the first company in the dental industry to be awarded the Deming Application Prize. In 2003, GC was certified for ISO 13485, and in 2004, GC became only the 18th company in the world to have won the Japan Quality Medal, the pinnacle of quality control. As a further mark of the company’s reputation, the global marketplace has come to recognize GC’s products as being synonymous with quality and eco-friendliness.
With an outstanding range of some 600 different excellent product types marketed in over 100 countries, GC is helping to maintain the health of people the world over. Given the importance of prediting and supporting different market demands from one region to the next, GC’s approach is to site its manufacturing operations in the optimum location for each market. Naturally, the company’s three main manufacturing bases around the world are all ISO-certified and deliver products of the highest quality.

The GC of the 21st century takes a global approach to people’s health and happiness

Through dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world, GC’s quality dental care products make a major contribution to people’s health. As a dental product manufacturer of global standing, GC Corporation constantly seeks to produce original products that are environmentally friendly as well as patient friendly and going a step ahead of patient’s needs, while at the same time taking great care to minimize the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment.
Producing products that are people friendly and earth friendly, we will continue to create highly value-added products so as to provide oral health to the people of the world during the 21st century, a century we regard as the century of health.