GC Fuji I

  • GC Fuji I®

Enhanced, Self-Cured Luting Lining Cement

GC Fuji I Enhanced Self-Cured Luting Lining Cement, is designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. It has been refined to provide enhanced physical properties. GC Fuji I chemically bonds to tooth structure and metal which provides excellent strength and marginal integrity for long term restorations. It’s also well suited for securing metal inlays, onlays, posts and orthodontic brackets. Available in hand-mix powder-liquid or convenient, pre-measured capsules. Universal, light yellow shade.

Ultra convenient and available in premeasured unit dose capsules for “no-mess” mixing:
(1) Tap capsule on a flat surface to fluff the powder.
(2) Activate the capsule by depressing the button on the bottom.
(3) Place the capsule in a high speed amalgamator and triturate for 10 seconds. *
(4) Place capsule in the applier for delivery.
* Trituration time may vary with other brand of Capsule mixers.

  • Strong Direct Bond

  • Non-precious and precious metal to tooth structure

  • Superior Marginal Seal

  • Minimizes microleakage
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to tooth structure

  • Bonds in a Wet Field

  • No primer or adhesive is required
  • Simple cementation technique

  • Sustained Fluoride Release

  • Cariostatic activity

  • Faster “Snap Set” with more Working Time,Strong Bonding, Compressive and Tensile Strengths

  • Greater longevity and restoration integrity

  • Smooth, Creamy Consistency

  • Easy to mix and handle

  • Low Film Thickness

  • Restorations’ seat is better; has fewer problems

  • Low Solubility After Set (.06%)

  • Reduced microleakage
  • Less chance of washouts and sensitivity developing
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