Fit Checker II


VPS Indicator Material

  • Vinyl Polysiloxane is not affected by saliva
  • White in color
  • Excellent detail and accuracy
  • Three-dimensional record of prosthesis fit
  • Enough working time for full dentures
  • Flows well when seating dentures

Each cartridge contains enough material for approximately 66 crowns/inlays, 33 partial dentures, or 14 to 16 full dentures.

  • Automix vinyl polysiloxane

  • Extremely accurate; it is not affected by saliva
  • Silicone material is tasteless and odorless
  • Better flow under pressure; it flows easily around denture lining or crown substructure
  • Compatible with NDS Automix Cartridge Dispensers

  • White Color

  • Easy to judge the degree (thickness) of fit discrepancy by the shade (darkness) of “show through”
  • Ideal for use with dentures and metal copings

  • Residue-FREE

  • Peels away to leave a clean, residue-free fitting surface

  • Sets to Micro-thin film

  • When set, material forms a tough, thin film to allow detection of high spots and pressure points

  • Considerations

  • FIT CHECKER II is a VPS material; it is NOT COMPATIBLE with the standard FIT CHECKER Black and FIT CHECKER White (C-Silicones)
  • FIT CHECKER II should NOT BE USED on the surface of silicone base soft relines like GC RELINE Soft, Extra Soft and Ultra Soft
  • To avoid contamination of the material, latex gloves should not touch the material until it has set