GC Ranked Second in the 10th Quality Management Level Research 2018 Award

GC was ranked second in the 10th Quality Management Level Research, conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and sponsored by Nikkei Inc.  On January 28, 2019, the Awarding Ceremony and Memorial Lecture were held at the JUSE Higashi-Koenji Building, in Tokyo.

In the Awarding Ceremony, the top five companies received the Excellent Corporation Award for their outstanding promotion of quality management, and one company received the Special Award.  GC President Kiyotaka Nakao gave a presentation on “GC’s Group-wide Challenge to Enhance Quality Management”.

The ranking of the Research is based on the analysis of six major categories; Commitment of Top Management, Dissemination of Quality Management, Cultivation of Human Resources for Realization of Quality Management, Establishment and Thorough Implementation of a Process, Creation of Customer Value, Collaboration Capability among Departments.  In the Research, GC was highly evaluated for its “Dissemination of Quality Management” (1st) and “Top Management Commitment” (2nd).  In his presentation, GC President Kiyotaka Nakao explained GC’s strenuous efforts for “Global Cultivation of Human Resource”, “Establishment of Vision Management System”, and “Share and Inheritance of Corporate Values and Culture”, aiming to promote group-wide quality management and secure sustainable growth.  He also introduced GC’s activities for a realization of a Healthy Long-Living Society.

At the panel discussion under the theme of “Quality Management toward a New Era: Aggressive Approach and Defensive Approach”, GC President Kiyotaka Nakao exchanged candid opinions with other panelists.

< Excellent Corporations > (Top 5 companies in overall ranking)

  1. Konica Minolta, Inc.
  2. GC Corporation
  3. Canon Inc.
  4. Takenaka Corporation
  5. ROHM, Co., Ltd.

< Special Award >

Cataler Corporation

Through continuous promotion of GC’s Quality Management (GQM), GC would like to step up company-wide efforts for quality management and fulfill customer expectations.

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