Class II made easy!


Title: Class II made easy!
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020
Time: 12:30 PM Indian Standard Time
Duration: 1:45 mins
Lecture + Live Product Demo + Question & Answer Session


Recently, a fibre reinforced composite filling material is introduced to clinicians which offers the ability to replace dentine and can be used in conjunction with a conventional composite as enamel replacement. Using this modern combination of materials, it enables biomimetic restoration of the teeth. The need to build a stronger foundation under posterior composites; a substructure that behaves like dentine; a dentine replacement with fracture toughness and fatigue resistance similar to that of dentine – has made its way to help clinicians achieve better prognosis. In line with the new techniques and innovative materials, composite resins have become a reliable, conservative, multifunctional, most aesthetic restorative material option.

In this workshop:

  • Learn how to efficiently restore an extended class II cavity using fibre-reinforced composite as dentine replacement
  • Understand the importance of the use of an efficient and clinically proven adhesive
  • Learn simple occlusal build-up with minimal finishing

Dr. RL Halili-Castillo Bio: RL obtained her degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of the East Manila Philippines. She has acquired extensive clinical experience in her own dental practice, where she was able to hone her management and clinical skills, providing a comprehensive range of dental services to her patients. She has also practiced at the Health Promotion Board School Dental Services of Singapore, giving emphasis on oral health care programs for school children. After spending four years in GC South East Asia she recently joined GC Australasia armed with over fifteen years of experience in the dental industry both in clinical and business side. She is actively involved in training and education programs specialized in fibre technology, aesthetic and restorative dentistry across the region.

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