Message from Management

  • Message from Management:

“We regard the 21st century as the century of health and aim to become the world’s leading manufacturer of dental products.”

Since starting business in 1921, GC has continuously made contributions to dental care. These achievements have been made based on the corporate philosophy of “Semui”and the three management principles of “contributing to the environment and society by improving oral hygiene”, “improving corporate quality and meeting customer expectations”, and “forming a team of associates brimming with energy and respect for their fellow human beings.”

The world has now embarked upon a big change, with much more importance being given to health-oriented approaches and a clean environment. In Japan in particular, the disease structure is going through a major metamorphosis as lower birth rates and increasingly ageing populations bring reforms to the medical system. The focus is shifting from treatment to prevention, and there are calls for systematic and qualitative healthcare reforms to meet today’s needs through greater attention to detail. At the same time, information technology has enabled the globalization of information, expanding the potential for healthcare and transforming our world into a completely new social structure.

In response to these trends, GC advocates and practices what it calls “GC’s Quality Management” (GQM). In preparation for 2010, the company has made the first step towards concrete implementation of its GQM Grand Design 90, a plan to achieve Mid-term goals by 2010.

Each member of the GC team aims to truly satisfy and impress customers by striving to provide valuable products, information, and services in his/her field.

Our aim is to continually strive to be number one in the industry, making major contributions in the 21st century as a global yet distinctive dental care company.